Barrack Ronald

I have a great passion for computers and anything that comes with new-age technology. I am a Computer Science graduate of Chuka University. I had my first computer at the age of 13, and since then it has been my mission to explore the world of tech. I always want to know and share anything latest in technology, even what is being invented right now.

I have been a freelance programmer and designer since 2017. I have specialized in design, development, and administration of mobile and webs applications as well as networking and data security and analysis. For 30ty Minutes, I am the tech writer, specialists or expert... you know...?

I do karate as a sport as well as a career. I am a big fan of fistfights you should know this. Swimming is another great hobby you can’t dispute my love for. I spend my free time either at the gym or the dojo.
I am from Kisumu but currently based in Nairobi. You can find me at Masterit Tech Solutions behind a laptop.