Collins Imbugwa

Collins Imbugwa, you can also call him Collowich, is a features writer for 30ty Minutes. He has been a freelance writer since 2012 working under Kenya News Agencies. A graduate of the School of Journalism at The University of Nairobi, he has worked with KBC and Kenya Times as a reporter.
Aside from that, his stories have been published in other dailies, including The Star and The People Daily. He was the second runners up in Kenya Wildlife Essay Writing Competition in 2009. Yes, he wrote about baboons and won a prize, you can stop rolling your eyes now.
Collins writes to bring out things you can’t see, except when you read them.
Outside here, he is a family man who likes sports, all sports from soccer to table tennis, not to mention scrabble. If you cut his vein, his blood is Manchester United. His music is reggae (nobody can stop it). Although currently based at the Coast-Mombasa, he is a farmer from the ranches of Kitale, who plants maize not bananas.
He works as a process server and doubles up as C.E.O at Cleanshot Multimedia Solutions.