Why you should be worried when your girl goes for a girl’s night out

When Girls go out

Girls night out  is not a new thing. But the way it is approached has certainly changed. A night when a group of girls get together and hop around night clubs and entertainment spots without their boyfriends or male company; it has become a suspicious occasion, at least according to most men. Today, in every Facebook or Instagram story, every girl is spreading the gospel of girls’ night out.

What do girls get away with on such nights?

First, if you’re in a serious relationship. Tell your girl that you don’t want anything to do with girls’ night out. Make it clear that you won’t fall for that bullshit. Because girl’s night out isn’t just girls getting together to catch up. Nooh No! Girls’ night out is for women to scout for other men and drink like tankers. So, tell your lady that you’re not up for that shit. And if she gets mad about it, dump her. You don’t want to know what happens on a girl’s night out.

A chance to cheat

Your lady is most likely to cheat on you on a girl’s night out. Most women don’t have morals, they may claim to, but it’s just smoke and mirrors. A woman alone with her little girlfriends in the club, drunk, can’t make rational decisions. She will go home with the bouncer, or fuck some other dude in skinny jeans, while you were at home watching a movie.

This is how it begins

So, if lady goes for girl’s night out, just know she is going to get some. And you watched her go.

Good girls aren’t interested in girl’s night out. Good girls will meet for coffee or go watch a movie. They might go jogging and work out together. But if your girl insists on this girl’s night out thing, know she’s a bad girl. She’s not a lady you want to be around. Unless you can handle her. Which is basically you gettingsome and then tossing her out. A lady who is always screaming for girl’s night out isn’t worth your time. Avoid her. She’s a sure way to ruin.

Bad girl-good girl

You know the old saying; what happens in Vegas will always stay in Vegas. Your lady won’t tell you the real ting that happened at Tribeka or Mojos club. She will feed you claptrap that they just celebrated her friend’s birthday and left. Which is never the case.

Kenyan Girls Night out

There’s always more to the matrix. Probably searching for men with more money or better looking. And once she lands her target, she will dump your sorry ass and roll on. Don’t be a victim of this. Once that girl you’re seeing starts going on girl’s night outs, run. Disappear. Heartbreak, HIV and STDs are after you.

It is a scam

There are girls who will claim that they need to head out to the club to dance. Don’t fall for such pia. If she badly wants to dance, let her dance in the living room. Let her turn the speakers to full volume and dance her head out. 

But she will say no to such, why? Because she needs to be with her girls in the entertainment venues. In the nightclubs, she will get that male attention she so seeks.

Girls’ night out is basically a scam. It’s a subtle way to cheat. If your woman goes out to such things, you’re basically giving her licence to cheat. And women have no remorse. She will get laid by some guy and will still have the audacity to knock at your door at 3 a.m. Don’t fall for a girl’s night out. It’s ‘girls whoring night out’. If a woman you’re in


  1. ??for some reason I found this funny even though I try to think of myself as a feminist and disagree with most of your opinions?

    And why should women be exempted from having their own fun?? Men have been doing it for generations, going out with their boys, drinking and cheating…why can’t bad girls just have their own fun and happiness??

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