This is an old problem with new twist… Cyrus Kituku looked into it and found the problem: Hitmen in Kenya are becoming rather cheap


Going by news reports, contract killing has become one of the most thriving businesses in the country of late, with hitmen going for as low as Sh 5,000 to take people out.

Cases of people hiring professional killers to eliminate rival business partners, political enemies, lovers or spouses have become common on our screens.

So good is the business that websites have emerged offering services to clients who want others eliminated.  ‘Hire a killer in Kenya’ is one such site. The website demands Sh 50, 000 for a ‘clean’ job, and boasts of having being in the business for over 5 years.

A string of paid killings

Magistrate Pauline Umangala hired a former NIS officer to kill husband Robert Chesang. He was shot 7 times.

Nairobi is the main hotspot for supplying killers for hit jobs across the country. We found on the streets, that most of the contract killers prefer hiding in slums, Kosovo, Mathare, Githurai 44, Kayole; with Dandora and Kayole being the most preferred hideouts.

The have been lots of cases of suspected hitmen killings including the one involving Ms Jane Muthoni (She’s in court over claims that she hired thugs to eliminate her husband Solomon Mwangi- he was the principal of Kiru Boys in Murang’a county.).

The murder of Sharon Otieno, Rongo University Student, is still fresh in court with 42 or is it 47 witnesses lined up to testify against Governor Okoth Obado. This is the case of the student who had a love affair with Okoth Obado, Governor of Migori County.

There is the case of Maribel Kapoloni, daughter of senior magistrate Caroline Kemui; the case of Magistrate Pauline Umangala who had her husband, Robert Chesang, killed in their home, shot 7 times. She used a former National Intelligence Service (NIS) officer and an active duty police officer. These are just few examples of rising cases of sponsored killings.

According to the Sunday Nation, rogue police officers are contracted by civilians or hire out their guns to the hitmen. Being professionals, they are hard to catch since they never leave much evidence.

GSU officer/ killer

GSU man, Antony Kilonzo, was hired to kill mother and daughter.

In yesterday’s papers (Nation), there was the story of a family driver- Fredrick Mwangi, who fell in love with the daughter of the boss. They had a disagreement; he decided to hire a GSU officer to kill the girl. As they shot the girl, he got shot too, he is a live, the girl is not.

He confessed to the police on Wednesday of planning his lover’s assassination.

‘I recorded statements when I was at the hospital and yesterday when I was arrested …I confessed that I was called by a friend to do the job of killing the lady,’

GSU man,turned hitman, Antony Kilonzo

Fredrick, the husband, told the police that two or so gunmen waylaid them at the gate of their home in Katana, Machakos County on Saturday night. The gunmen, riding motor bikes, shot his lover, Purity Wanjiru, they also shot the mother-in-law, who was opening the gate for them.

He said that the two gunmen shot the women on their heads, shot him in the leg and then made away with their purses. After they were gone, he drove himself to Shalom Hospital.

One of the hit men got shot in the process and decided to go get treated.  The medical attendants grew suspicious of him and secretly notified the police who came and arrested the guy. He could not explain how he got wounded. Also it turned out that he is Antony Kilonzo, a General Service Unit (GSU) training Instructor at Embakasi.

After hours of being questioned, he revealed what transpired and led police officers to Kambi estate in Katana. The police officer-cum-criminal had been involved in several crimes before, including another shooting at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

His confession led the officers to Katana to flush out the other suspect during which there was a shoot-out which led to death of the second suspect. A third suspect escaped when they raided the house. He jumped over the fence, dropping an AK-47 rifle in the process.

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