Months of surveillance, information being passed back and forth between terrorists cells in Kenya and Somalia… and a plan to blow up parliament

A worrisome lead story in Daily Nation today has details of how Al-Shabaab plotted to kill President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga in 2012.

The details of the plot emerged from one of Kenya’s submissions to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the ongoing maritime case. The details, from a report titled; ‘Plots against the State: President, Prime Minister, and Parliament’ indicates that one terrorist frequently visited Nyeri, and was tasked with monitoring and documenting President Kibaki’s routine.

This particular terrorist was helped by a local militia group that works closely with the Al-Shabaab, and his actions happened in 2012, a year after Kenya deployed the Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia under the Operation Linda Nchi initiative. 

Al -Shabaab

The terrorist spent over four months between June and October of 2012 scavenging for details which he would then report back to a senior member, says the report, which was filed in 2013/2014.

At the same time when the terrorist was camping in Kibaki’s backyard, a local militia group identified as Al-Hijra was spying on ODM party leader Raila Odinga

According to this report, Raila had at times travelled in Nairobi without his security detail.

The terrorists planned to blow up parliament and kill MPs, Raila and Kibaki.

Audio recordings reveal that the terrorists warned the Kenyan government that the Operations Linda Nchi would have dire consequences and that they – the Al-Shabaab would exert their revenge. With one top leader saying; “Strap the bombs on me and let me blow myself up in the parliament building of Kenya, let not anyone survive, even Kibaki.”

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