Because there is an event every single weekend or Tuesday or every Thursday… we have complied a list of what to do so you can make the most out of these festive season events.

Not in this weather.

December is almost ending. The season of festivities. Actually it’s the season we are supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ, the One who died for our sins and all, but we are beings who forget too soon so we turned the season into the time we enjoy ourselves.

And so December events were born; outdoor events, indoor events, night events and day time events.  Wherever you look there are weddings; family gatherings, concerts left and right; it’s like we cannot stop having fun.

But with these events that are supposed to be happy occasions come sadder occurrences. Occurrences that we are way too familiar with; the theft in these events, especially night events (Chris Martin concert comes to mind); and the bad weather (Koroga festival that had people dripping wet and not because of sexual excitement); the hunger, the rape cases, the lack of transport to go back home.

So how exactly do you deal with all these?

How to dress

Dress like you mean it.

Always carry a jacket. Whether it is a day event, or a night event; whether the weather is very sunny or very cloudy; always carry a jacket or a sweater or that fur coat that is both stylish and warm. No one wants to be freezing his or her ass off in the middle of the night when they should be having the time of their life.

Also, since it’s the rainy season, an umbrella should just be one the valuables in your bag. And I know warm clothes plus an umbrella in hand is hardly stylish since this is an event, and you have to look good etc etc… You can carry a nice stylish bag that you can put all these stuff in so you can still maintain your shine.


Ensure you have more than enough fare if you are going to any event. Anything can happen. You do not want to be stranded at three in the morning in Ngong’s Racecourse with no idea how you will get back to Ruiru.

And the money for fare should be kept separate from the entertainment cash. Very separate. If possible, in fact, it’s very advisable that you keep this money in your shoe, or hide it somewhere hard to access. Yes, just do it.  Especially if you know you are going to be drunk.

Of course there are those that do not need fare since they have cars or friends with cars; please have a sober designated driver. Do not be one of the road accident statistics.

Who to go to events with

Get the right squad.

Company is perhaps the single most important determinant of if you are going to have fun at any event. You could have worn the best of clothes, or have come with the most exquisite rides, or have the most money; even be in the VIP section but ultimately at the end of the night, those campus guys with matatu money and money to buy a few beers here and there can have more fun than you.

Why? Company. Choose the company to go to events with carefully. Go with your best friends. If you don’t have best friends, go with your close friends who not only know how to have fun but know when not to. Who know how to take care of you and keep an eye on you but at the same time know how to get you out of your seat for a twerk session. Go with people who can have your back no matter what. It’s not a safe country, if we don’t look out for each other, who will?


Eat before you got to any overnight event where you know drinking will be involved. Eat good food. Eat a lot of food. Food can be quite expensive at most events and no one wants the extra costs that would rather be spent on alcohol.

If it’s a day event where there is going to be food, do not eat a lot before showing up.


Stay away from rowdy and troublesome people at events. Don’t pick fights that you can avoid… however tempting it is. You are not John Rambo or Nikita (that girl who kicks ass in some TV series, also you are not in Hawaii 5-0); you’ll get a knife to the chest… it happens all the time. And don’t insult bouncers or police officers… You do this… instead of going home, you’ll end up at the hospital or in a police cell.

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