The controversial blogger was grabbed by three men yesterday as he arrived for the mention of his case against socialite/ YouTube sensation Natalie Tewa

Edgar Obare is alive after his kidnapping, which he says was done by the police. Or people acting like they were the police.

He says he was grabbed by three men as he headed into court while his lawyer ate smokies.

They put a mask over his head but he somehow managed to peek through and saw that they were on Thika Rd. Says he was tied with ropes after he complained that the handcuffs were tight. And he saw AK-47s.

Edger Obare…

They threatened to beat him for exposing people’s affairs. One guy told him he’d fuck him in the ass. They asked about who pays him to expose people, told him to get a real job.

They took him to a building with School written at the gate…. drugged him, cut his clothes, took pictures of his penis (claims he saw one of the guys take the photo even though he was drugged) and there after drove from the place threw him out of the car into a bush… he was somewhere past Nyeri, towards Chaka.

Obare after his ordeal

The blogger was arrested at the Kiambu Law Courts, after he arrived for the mention of his case against YouTube sensation Natalie Tewa on Monday morning.

In August, Obare was arrested and detained for revealing ‘private’ information about Tewa.

He was later arraigned and charged for linking (using travel and personal details) Tewa to Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, whom he said accompanied the politician to Dubai to visit ailing ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Joho had traveled with MP Junet Mohamed to Dubai aboard a chartered private Jet.

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