Mombasa County residents who end up in quarantine centers do not have to worry about money to pay for their bills.

The county government of Mombasa has said it will settle bills for all people quarantined in their public hospitals. This announcement comes amid reports of Kenyans being detained in quarantine facilities for failure to pay their bills.

You might have seen a video that has gone viral on social media of a patient locked up in one of the quarantine facilities at Kenyatta University threatening to jump off a three storey building citing harassment and lack of funds to pay treatment bills.

According to rates issued by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council, the estimated cost of treatment is between Sh. 2,500 to Sh. 23,000. This is true when one is quarantined in a public or private facility across the country. The cost of the isolation varies depending on the facility one is quarantined at.

Mombasa County Health Executive Hazel Koitaba announced that the county government will foot the bills for all Covid-19 patients treated in public hospitals, especially at the Coast Provincial General hospital.

‘We will isolate and treat them at our own cost.’ Ms Koitaba said on a press briefing on 22nd , Wednesday.

Second most affected

Quarantine bills get really high when a whole family is put at the center.

The Ministry of Health, through CAS Rashid Aman, on 28th, Tuesday, reported that Mombasa and Nairobi Counties account for more than 90% of the country’s Covid-19 infections.

97 out of the 374 reported cases are from Mombasa County. This makes Mombasa the second most highly infected county in Kenya. The constant increase in the number of infections is alarming since it reflects an active rate of local transmissions. The good news though, is that the recovery rate in Kenya is commendable, with over 124 recoveries so far.

Source of funds

The Mombasa County government set aside a Sh.200 million kitty to fund the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Governor Joho has further established an Emergency Committee on coronavirus co-chaired by both himself and County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo to manage and oversee the use of the available funds.

Governor Joho has impressed many by his ability to mobilize different stake holders such as well-wishers, businessmen (private sector), civil society, national government (MoH), charity organizations and international leaders to join him in this fight.

In his most recent tweets, Joho has been sending ‘thank you’ messages to well-wishers who have contributed towards the cause by donating cash and supplies to Mombasa County. The governor also took an 80% salary cut and asked that the money be injected into the same kitty. His deputy took a 50% cut.


He reiterated the success of meeting the earlier target of Sh. 700 million in this good fight. In one of the tweets he wrote, ‘We thank everyone and every organization that participated in the success of this noble initiative.’

Speaking during the launch of the 300-bed capacity isolation center domiciled at the Technical University of Mombasa on Thursday last week, Joho said;

‘This facility is an exemplary show of strong partnership between the County Government of Mombasa and the private sector.’

 He also launched four ambulances with critical care capacity that will be dedicated to the transfer of Covid-19 patients only.

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