Jubilee Party on Saturday posted a BBI promotional video featuring Juliani’s wildly successful ‘Utawala’ song… it didn’t go down as they expected.

Singer Juliani threatened to take legal action Jubilee Party for using his song “Utawala” without his consent, forcing the party to pull down the particular promotional item from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

The artiste through his lawyers said the party shared a BBI promotional video on their timeline with the song as the soundtrack without his consent.

Following the use of his song, Juliani, through his lawyers, said that an impression had been created that he is partisan and endorses the party’s political views.

The post, bearing Juliani’s song,which has since been deleted.

He further stated that this was an infringement of his rights and unwittingly ties him to political views that may in future affect his business prospects and earnings.

As a result, the entertainer asked the party to pull down the video with immediate effect and admit liability for infringement of intellectual property rights in writing within 72 hours.

Should the party ignore the letter, Juliani threatened to “institute mandatory legal proceedings”.

Jubilee Party took down the video… It is not known if they capitulated to the other aspects of his demands.

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