Sonko’s closeness to Nairobi University student leader is under the microscope today… he denies the car, the pregnancy… everything.

Sonko and UoN leader Ann

The Nairobian, a weekly local newspaper owned by the Standard Media Group, is under fire following a story they published today, 13th December, which claimed that Governor Sonko was arrested with the Nairobi University student leader Ann Mvurya, and that the young woman could be carrying the county chief’s child.

The Friday issue of the Nairobian with the capturing headline ‘Sonko arrested with Hot campus Girl’ went on to say that the University student leader has often been seen in the governor’s private office. 

The paper reported that Sonko was in the company of the student leader during his dramatic arrest in Voi. Sonko was arrested on Friday last week following a warrant issued by DPP Noordin Haji. He is out on bail facing several counts of corruption, misuse of office and money laundering.

The Nairobian revealed that Ann Mwangi Mvurya was in the governor’s vehicle.

In a video circulating online, the University of Nairobi student’s association leader is seen standing behind officers in a blue hood, white and black blouse and a cap, as the governor fights off officers trying to handcuff him. Ann Mvurya was covering her face all along.

According to the Nairobian, the governor is believed to have funded her campaign. In a past interview Mvurya said she spent some Sh 2 Million on the campaign.

It is claimed that before Sonko, the student leader drove a Toyota Mac X, and that now she drives a 4 wheeler, Toyota Prado Tx. She has been spotted with Sonko having good time and sometimes at his private office in Upper Hill.

Mvurya’s response and the pregnancy

When asked if she was with the former legislator during the dramatic arrest, she declined to answer, instead asking the police to be ‘human’ during arrests.

‘The manner in which the governor was arrested was not the best. I do not understand why he was assaulted,’ she told the weekly publication.

An officer who requested anonymity, present during Sonko’s arrest also noted that Ann appeared pregnant, claims that have not yet been confirmed.

‘I do not know her name but she was shy and appeared pregnant’, the officer told the Nairobian.

Sonko’s Response

On Friday 13th, December, the Governor responded to the Nairobian publication.

While speaking to website, Nairobi County Communications Director, Jacob Elkana termed the story as a fabrication.

‘Those are cooked statements, malicious and purely lies. Journalists should verify some facts before going to press. The governor was arrested alone as you can see in the viral video that has been doing rounds on social media. We must differentiate reality and lies’, Elkana said.

Warned against publishing the article

The Nairobian further reported that a man, only identified as Jared, warned the authors against publishing the story.

‘I’m acting on the instructions of my client, Anne Mvurya. You can publish anything about her leadership, but do not publish anything to do with Mike Sonko. I am her lawyer and I also have dealings with Nairobi County Government and if you publish this, we will pursue you personally’, he allegedly told the publication.

Another wife

According to a report by Kahawa Tungu website on the same subject, apart from his known wife Primrose Mbuvi , Sonko has another wife , a nominated MCA who resides in Nyayo estate.

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