Police are investigating the circumstances that led to a sniper’s bullet being found so close to the president.

A sniper in action.

A live bullet was found by security agencies during Mashujaa Day celebrations at a spot in Senti Kumi, Likoni that is directly opposite Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, as President Uhuru Kenyatta led celebrations last weekend.

According to The Saturday Nation, the 500 metres wide Likoni channel is what separates Senti Kumi, along Shelly Beach, and the refurbished Mama Ngina Waterfront Park. And a sniper’s bullet can travel as far as 3, 218 metres depending on the type of weapon used, the speed of wind and other factors.

What are not known at the moment is who was holding the trigger and who the target was. Mashujaa Day celebration had all the three top leaders and other dignitaries in the country on the same stage, and well within the reach of the sniper.

The President and the First lady were both at the celebration, the Deputy President and Rachel, his wife, were at there, Opposition leader Raila Odinga, Chief Justice David Maraga, Mombasa governor Joho and a host of other political leaders, dignitaries, religious leaders and sportsmen and women, including celebrated marathon runner Eluid Kipchoge (although no one would target King Choge- too much love here) among others.

President Kenyatta aboard the ceremonial pick up during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Mombasa. /PSCU.


Where there is a bullet, there should be a gun

A senior detective within the security agencies told Saturday Nation that detectives are currently working hard to locate the rifle that would have been used in case a shooting was to occur.

‘If a bullet was found then there must be a rifle, which we are now looking for. This incident has raised serious concerns among security organs in the region.’

Senior detective


As the investigation progresses, police have so far linked the bullet to three terror suspects who were killed in Majengo Mapya some three weeks to Mashujaa Day.

Terror suspects planning an attack

The three, are part of a crew (eight have since been arrested) that were suspected of planning an attack during the ceremony while also targeting other installations around Mombasa.

Swaleh Yusuf Abdalla, Said Ramadhan Mkubwa and Salama Suleiman Mohamed were killed by the police at their house in Dudus in an operation that led to the recovery of a G3 rifle, hundreds of different types of ammunition, three kilograms of ammonium nitrate (used in making explosives), a hand grenade, nine machetes, three military jungle uniforms, assorted military holsters and nine balaclavas.

The police believe that their plan was to carry out a major attack during the celebrations, attack Mombasa SGR terminus, Moi International Airport and Kenya Ports Authority.

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