We look at the feedback from 8 people who had fertility and reproductive health problems and decided to do try something new.

For the past one week, we have been in a conversation with Harriet’s Botanicals on matters concerning fertility and reproductive health; the worries and fears of both men and women. For women, we focused on what to know when trying for a baby and for men, we looked at the three major fertility worries for men (low libido, ED and low sperm count).

We asked Harriet’s Botanicals to allow us, within reason of course, to look at what people who have used both Tendwet (organic and 100 per cent natural product for men) and Arorwet (for women), say about the products. The feedback from clients in the country and abroad speak of products that do not just treat most of the reproductive health issues affecting both men and women, but also offer hope and solutions to problems of child conception and of carrying a pregnancy to term.

Sample some of what the clients had to say after using the products:

Happy couple.

Client 1: ‘Asante nyote wanna Harriet Botanicals kwa dawa zenu za asilia……….last year September nilinunua one bottle of Harriet Botanical’s Arorwet  nikamtumia rafiki yangu Italy aweze  kupata mtoto. Nahivi Sasa ni mja mzito … Asante kwenu  na zaidi na MUUMBA WETU.’

Client 2: ‘I went for Tendwet after reading its benefits on matters concerning erectile dysfunction (ED). And, nobody is happier than madam. I last longer and remain harder for ages!!’

Client 3: ‘Arorwet helped me conceive, I am now expecting my bundle of joy next month. Thanks Harriet’s Botanicals. Congrats to you mum.’

Client 4: ‘Hi Harriet Botanicals, just wanted to let you know a month after starting the Arorwet dawa -on 9th January- I received my periods on 7th of February. This was after missing them for 90days… Asante sana, God bless you.’

When everything is in order.

Client 5: Okay, I wasn’t that badly off. But sometimes, it got unresponsive halfway into the game. But now wow. I am 60 years old but I promise you I have been transported right back to my youth!! Tendwet has worked wonders for me.’

Client 6: ‘Harriet Botanicals, God bless you, your family and your generation. I was diagnosed with endometriosis after complaining of extremely painful periods. I have since been trying to conceive for four years in vain. I have seen some of the best gynaecologists in Nairobi and their final resolution was that I should do IVF.

 Note that I had all fertility tests done and nothing was showing. It was concluded that the endometriosis had affected my fertility though the evidence was not obvious like scarring my tubes or causing adhesions. I got Arorwet and I took it continuously for one month, then started incorporating breaks in the second month. On the second break I realized I was pregnant and it was confirmed. I am very thankful to God for using you to put a smile on my family.’

Client 7: ‘I can confirm that after using Arorwet, bleeding reduced. For the first time in years I’ve not been paralysed in my house from bleeding and pain during periods. Not had dizziness and will not have to nurse myself for some extra days off work.  Interestingly, eating a lot?!!!  Before I had to stay off food and water for a day or 2 because I would vomit on the worst days of the periods…’

Client 8: ‘Hi, I bought Arorwet in September 2019 because I was having trouble conceiving. It is a problem I had for more than a year. It was devastating. Am now 10 weeks pregnant…Thank you so much…’

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