Sexual health matters among men are often discussed in hush-hush tones. We have found a way around this.

Doing things right.

In the past few weeks, we have been working with Harriet’s Botanicals to highlight reproductive health concerns that both men and women in Kenya face. This is the last piece, and in it, we look at the feedback the company has received from men who have used Tendwet. Of course, the identities of the clients are protected.

Since men do not like to talk about these things, we lift the lid on a heavy form of gratitude…

Client one, wife writes back:

‘Tendwet worked perfectly well for my husband, he used to feel too much pain when going for short-calls. When the bladder was full, the pain was impossible. Then I ordered Tendwet on Friday. It worked with the first drink he took; pain is completely gone.’

Client two:

‘Hi.  I just want to congratulate you because of your product for men.  It is good.  It doesn’t only restore your libido but also keeps your weight in check.  I was 98kg but now my weight has come down to 93kg.  I feel good. Thanks.’

Client three:

All smiles.

‘I wish to confirm and attest that after taking this herbal medicine for men, by the name Tendwet, I’ve gradually reduced weight, and gained wonderful power and non-stop energy in bed. I highly recommend it to all guys. My pressure has also stabilized. It is amazing that Tendwet can do wonders in a period of one month. I have to say that it is cheap and has no side effects. Thanks to Harriet’s Botanicals.’

Client four, a conversation:

[12:31, 23/11/2019] Client: Thanks Harriet. I have used your product and have experienced a positive response.

[12:31, 23/11/2019] Harriet’s Botanicals: That’s great what changes have you seen?

[12:31, 23/11/2019] Client: The problem was erectile dysfunction but now it has become strong.

[12:31, 23/11/2019] Harriet’s Botanicals: That’s great! How many bottles?

[12:31, 23/11/2019] Client: Just one but I’m thinking of adding another one.

Client five:

‘Good morning? Do you remember sending me Arorwet and Tendwet? I gave Arorwet to a lady who has been experiencing painful menstruation. Last week she had something good report; for the first time in years, she experienced normal menses (no pain).  I gave Tendwet to a young married man. The results are wonderful… he told me that he can now last longer during the sexual intercourse.’

What exactly is Tendwet, and what does it do?

We need to fix this…

Well; Tendwet is a pure and natural formula for men. It cures erectile dysfunction, can boost your sexual libido, cures low sperm count, solves complications to do with urinary health (UTI) and is recommended for prostate health.

For more information call 0701 421 409 or 0710 933 484

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